Dear Warrior’s Pride Boxing Academy/Body concept

By Julia Members;


We are doing the best to protect all those who visit our facility as a member or as a guest.


Amid the current circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 virus and in order to ensure you have a sanitized and healthy environment we are diligently cleaning our facility before and every fitness class held at our facility with virus killing detergents and sanitizers .


We can never be too careful and therefore are working hard to make our Academy a stress free, germ free environment where everyone can learn and practice the Sweet Science Martial Art of Boxing.


We will also be announcing soon in partnership with Body Concept by Julia a VIRTUAL online Boxing and Fitness program available for all of those members who wish to stay home as a precautionary measure but still wish to continue training, learning and staying in shape.


This program is available to current members and will not be charged extra for this option.

We will be contacting all of you very soon with more details about this program and how to go about signing up and downloading the virtual Boxing lessons online.


You all have come real far in order to stay in shape, learn Boxing and self defense in order to stop now that you have improved so much. Therefore for those who can’t come to our facility we will come to you virtually.


Again thanks for always supporting our Boxing program, Body Concept and my beautiful wife Julia and I. You have all become like a family to us and we will not let you down in these trying times.


Remember that a Warrior is “one that accepts the challenges of life in true humility, no matter what his destiny may be. It can never be a cause for discontent, but a living challenge which it is his privilege to surmount”