Julia Buitrago  is a fitness pioneer with more than 16 years of  fitness coaching  experience in South Florida,  she is an innovator and creator of the Boutique gym concept, and has close to two decades of experience as a personal trainer and nutrition coach with multiple fitness organization certifications.


 She has won five titles in figure competition, and her certifications for some of the most  innovative fitness modalities range from  Step aerobics, Spinning, Strong by Zumba, Strength and Flexibility, Boxing, and our most popular Xco Shape. 


Julia Buitrago  was born and  raised in the beautiful  Island of Enchantment,  Puerto Rico. She was one  among five siblings and as a young woman who suffered from obesity since an early age Julia was constantly teased and bullied by her peers at school  and in her workplace.

She married at an early age and  the poor nutrition habits and sedentary lifestyle caused her to gain 240 pounds. 


After her last daughter  was born and with  the previous experience of having suffered from a premature labor with her twin sons who were born  prematurely because of the poor nutrition habits and a sedentary life she was diagnosed with hypertension at the age of 25.


Julia finally decided  for the sake of her children to take matter into her own hands and to change her life and break the chain of inactivity.


She adopted a new healthy  lifestyle for herself and her family and completely made a 180 degree

turnaround to her life. 


Her passion and love for this lifestyle was born and a new Julia emerged understanding that a holistic life was the answer to all of her health conditions and  to erase the demons of the past insecurities she made a total transformation to her body, inside and out.


Julia understood God's Plan in her life was to share and teach how minor changes in behavior can improve and positively affect families in her community.


Her fitness career began at Ladies of America where she taught several  aerobic and fitness classes and after several years of experience was able to achieve her dreams of becoming a certified Personal Trainer. 


Her personal experience helped motivate others and her story was the fuel that drove her to continue improving as a fitness professional.

With renewed confidence after several years Julia decided to take a huge leap of faith and open open her first Boutique Gym in Miami  called Fitness Factory by Julia.

It was a very small facility with a total space of 400 square feet but to her it was the achievement of a lifetime and a personal goal she had committed to with hard work determination and sacrifice. Julia is a motivator and doesn't believe in excuses because she was able to accomplish all of these goals while being married, with four children and  a day job. He favorite quote is " A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work."

Welcome to Body concept by Julia.


We have created more than a community we're a family where you will find a support group that really cares about the individual, their dreams, and their personal goals in life.  You can't find this kind of  synergy at any other place specially in those mega-gyms  where you're only a number.

Our commitment at Body Concept By Julia:


We are committed to creating a holistic program that will encompass  and provide all of the tools you will need in order to become successful in achieving your personal fitness goals.  


There are no shortcuts at Body Concept by Julia, here you will work hard but with our support group and family atmosphere these goals will finally seem achievable to you.


Whether those needs are to lose weight, lose fat, gain weight, tone your body, gain muscle mass, whatever these are, Julia will provide the knowledge and guidance so that  these personal goals can be achieved.


Our simple, easy to follow nutrition program and the most modern, fun and effective exercise programs you can find today are available in this great family oriented atmosphere which is Body Concept  By Julia.

Today we complement Our program with a unique boxing program (Warrior Pride boxing Academy) designed by team-mate and husband of Julia Mario Salazar, with the sole purpose that in one place you will find everything that families in our community They need to adopt a healthy lifestyle that is inherited generation by generation.


We just need your:




Today is the day of change